‘'The Practical Nua Programme ©'
Practical Speech and Language Therapy Ltd. is currently in the process of research and development of ‘The Practical Nua Programme ©’ in conjunction with the University of Ulster.
(June 2007 to date)

The focus of the programme is within the areas of vocal volume, vocal rate, pitch and tone and is being used with children with Down's Syndrome, Autism and Asperger's, children presenting with ADHD and is also being used with children and adults presenting with stammering and voice disorders.

The results of the programme, which has been evolving since 2005, has been very exciting and the hope is that it will soon be leading the way in this mostly forgotten area within Speech and Language Therapy, opening the way to further research and development of this crucial area of social communication.

Funding has so far been accessed from the HEIF Northern Ireland for Phase One and from Enterprise Ireland for Phase Two which enabled Practical Speech and Language Therapy Ltd. in partnership with the University of Ulster to create the first protype of the programme for the worldwide market for children and adults. R&D is continuing to bring this product to market.

The first group of parents attended training in ‘The Practical Nua Programme ©’ 2009 in Dublin and follow up therapy was provided for each child. The successes and achievements of all the parents and children involved has been remarkable and the programme is continuing for each child.

The first adult client who attended for a block of therapy for cluttering- very rapid pace of speech, over a 6 month period has recently been discharged following a 3 month review. This adult has been the first adult to be seen, using the ‘The Practical Nua Programme ©’ as the main therapy tool.

Practical Speech and Language Therapy Ltd. looks forward to keeping you updated on the R&D of ‘The Practical Nua Programme ©’.


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